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Palmer Sturman: Dying Light, the latest survival-adventure game from Dead Island creators, Techland, doesn’t have an original thought in its head. In fact it’s similar in a lot of ways to Shadows of Mordor in the sense that it borrows ideas quite liberally from other successful games and combines them into a well-polished piece that oozes fun. It certainly remains in a realm that Techland is familiar with – zombies! -- but Dying light manages to set itself apart from their previous game (Dead Island) with its polished engine, brilliant approach to travel, and interesting day and night cycles. Day time is play time, remember that folks. If the sun’s up you can travel without problems, beat zombies mercilessly, and scavenge the island. Just remember to horde all the materials you can because when the sun sets the zombies become merciless and survival becomes the top priority. Dying Light does have its flaws. Voice acting is abysmal at points, and the story is rather generic, and the PC port does have a few optimization issues that caused significant framerate stuttering, but Dying Light remains a great concept that manages to overcome its weak points with tons of zombie splattering, gore-filled charm.

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