Club Nintendo Restocks, Excellent Time To Cash In Your Coins

CLub Nintendo Just freshened up their stock of loyalty rewards for members, and the selection is bigger then ever before.

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DivineAssault 1444d ago

Screw it.. U have a better chance @ winning a slot machine because by the time u log in, it boots you out before you can order.. Ill just use my coins on games.. I got a messenger bag before & it was flimsy so i tossed it in my closet.. I would like the game case but i already have one so games it is after everyone stops trying to get in at once

Xof1443d ago

Just got $140 USD worth of digital games. Nice.

gerbwmu1443d ago

anyone having issues....the mobile site tends to work better when there is heavy traffic to the site. I logged in this morning on my phone and ordered what I wanted with no issues at the same time I couldn't get my PC to access the site.