Treyarch Teasing Zombies-Related Announcement at DICE?

With Infinity Ward creating 2013's Call of Duty: Ghosts and and Sledgehammer debuting last year's Advanced Warfare, Treyarch is again set to take the reigns for the series in 2015 and it doesn't look like the developer is wasting any time.

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d_g1407d ago

battle of duty bad company 4

Agheil1407d ago

I heard this was an annual thing, nothing new will be revealed. They will just be discussing Zombies and its succes. But then again, it could something new... #GETONTHATHYPETRAIN

getrektedmate1407d ago

DICE and treyarch are making Battle Ops: Zombies guise!

getrektedmate1407d ago

Bring in on Bitches!!! Cuz all we need right now is MOAR ZOMBIES!!!

martinezjesus19931407d ago

I think its no surprise there will be zombies but will they be included in the game this time or will I have to pay extra for them?

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