Legend of Kay Anniversary heading to Wii U

PlayStation 2 game Legend of Kay appears to be coming back on Wii U.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I'll have to check out some gameplay vids of it before I decide if it's worth getting, if this rumor does indeed turn out to be true.

Edit: Okay, I checked it out.
It's apparently a really nice old-school platformer/action-adventure. I couldn't tell how open world it was from the trailer of its PSN store release, but the combat elements and stuff looked really fun.

If it does indeed come to Wii U, I'll pick it up.

LightDiego1358d ago

I really hope it's true, i'm a huge fan of 3D platformers.
The trailer of the PS2 version:
Looks amazing!

NiteX1358d ago

Remember renting this for the PS2 back in those days. It was fairly fun.

MilkMan1358d ago

No sh!t?!
I remember liking this game quite a bit back in the day, but heres the real question. Why would I bother getting this version other than prettier graphics, which I am assuming it will have.