Visceral On Why Hardline Will Be Most Strategic Battlefield Yet

To make Hardline one of the best Battlefield games ever, Visceral is focusing on three aspects of the game specifically.

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DarkOcelet1447d ago

Battlefield should seriously leave last gen. It could be so much more. Hopefully this is the last one. And since Visceral games is one of my favorite developers, i really am interested on what changes they will make in the game.

SolidStoner1446d ago

might be fun.... still waiting for next gen WW2 or Vietnam game from battlefield though...

today, February 3rd they will release open beta, it will work only 5 days.. so be sure to try it out! ;) (it says like that on BF hardline homepage, not sure if Im 100% right)..

it's still not online on PS store, maybe if it gets someone could PM me or reply here! Thanks!

SCW19821447d ago

I feel like visceral games talent is very much wasted on this franchise. I want them to make a brand new IP like what they did with Dead Space last gen.

The_KELRaTH1446d ago

Bad Company: Hardline would get my interest:)


Sorry for asking the noob question but what would the "Bad Company" bit add to the game?

The_KELRaTH1446d ago

Primarily humour and not concentrating on realism rather the fun aspect as found in the original BF1942 and BF2

BF3 and BF4 have much less in common with the original Battlefield series than Bad Company 2 or BF1943

Although the cops n robbers theme is new using zip lines to get across buildings etc and hooks to climb up buildings, night vision goggles etc is not new to the BF series.
It was an expansion for BF2 called Special Forces and was fantastic fun


Thanks for the reply. I didn't really play much of the bf campaign in any of the games.

I just always jumped on the MP and that was it.

on the subject of the beta, it seems ok but I am having a hard time getting over how ugly the game looks. everything else about it ok though.

shmeedy246851446d ago

I think Hardline will be great, can't wait :)

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