EA Takes Issue With PSP, PS3 Network

Electronic Arts took its sweet time in warming up to Microsoft and its Xbox Live Service, but now they're one of the biggest profiteers of its online marketplace. You'd imagine they'd be right on board for PlayStation Network, as well, but that doesn't seem to be the case -- yet.
EA CEO Larry Probst spoke at length with Newsweek recently, who said they're still working out the details. "They have one model in mind, and we have something else in mind," said Probst. Could Sony and EA be having trouble coming to an agreement? Seems so, but over what? Sony's emphasized how much control publishers have over content on PlayStation Network, and while we fully expect EA to be on board soon enough, the hold up's a bit strange.

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UrbanJabroni4338d ago

on Live, MS takes care of the "remedial" but costly tasks, including server maintenance, account management, billing, bandwith and security.

Blizzard may want total control over their network, given that WOW is a cash-cow that REQUIRES online, but for most publishers, even EA, why would they want to build out the hardware, infrastructure and software themselves.

With Live, all you have to do is point your game at their servers, submit new content for evaluation and testing, then wait for your cut of the check. Now think of the poor team working on the PS3 version and the increased cost of development due to custom online components.



evil meets nasty- they probably don't agree on who should shamelessly take the most for their endless weak microtransactions. EA and sony deserve each other.

MicroGamer4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

It's because Sony is CHARGING vendors to be part of their FREE online service. I sure as hell wouldn't pay Sony for a spot in their online marketplace with things the way they are now. EA most likely expects that Sony will distribute their demos and trailers at no charge to them like on Live.

Ark12054338d ago

With the qaulity of games EA is putting out they shouldnt complain about s--t! Im a long time Madden fan-player and that BS they put out on the PS3 is joke. Its basic in game features-adjustments that you could make befor the snap that has been on Madden for YEARS that you cant do on the PS3 Madden 2007. The buton is their and the directions tell you how to perform these adjustments but when you press the button nothing happens. EA shut the h--l up and work on your games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adversary4336d ago

Demos and sh!t appear free on Live! because you don't have to pay when you DL. But subscription revenues cover those costs. With Sony's plan, instead of offering free bandwidth on their servers for third party companies, those companies would have to pay for uploads and would recieve a kickback for titles that sold well. But titles that are free don't gross any cash, meaning that either the consumer, or the developer would have to pay for the distribution costs. Also, because Sony is trying to keep an open market (especially using Linux), user created content will be easy to DL, and therefore expansion packs might be overlooked in favor of free user content. Furthermore, because the service is free, Sony would require publishers to maintain servers for their own products. This is how the PC market's model works, which will be less attractive to console developers. Companies like Valve and Blizzard on the other hand have been doing this since the early 90s (successfully as well). People STILL play games on The only problem now, is if a developer makes a flop the publisher will still have to pay maintainance on servers. I say "Good." Maybe they'll stop making sh!tty games every year.

On a side note. The PSP is awesome. The only thing I would change would be to add another analog stick, and drop the price by $50 so you could get a memory stick (and/or a game) for just about $200. Also, UMDs for like $10 would sell really well.