Microsoft Releases Xbox Super Bowl Video…After the Super Bowl

Hardcore Gamer: Today, Microsoft’s Xbox Division released a video detailing some of the Xbox One awesomeness that took place before the big game.

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darthv721352d ago

I was thinking, why wasnt there some XB1 ads during the game...? I saw other MS related ones but nothing for the xbox.

It could be that the insane price of a 30 seconds spot was what held them back. This vid almost 2 minutes which is 18 million in cost right there.

granted they bought minecraft for billions but yeah... the were penny pinching at this years game.

Sonital1352d ago

Because Microsoft's trying to repair it's overall brand not, Xbox. Sure, Xbox's brand was obliterated two years ago with the reveal but that's now back on track.

Microsoft knows that to be a great consumer company it needs a solid brand which it hasn't had for 10 years.

That's where they're spending the big bucks..

gangsta_red1352d ago

Pete Carol is going to have to go back and play some Madden on Rookie mode. Maybe even go through the tutorial and have Madden explain to him that when you're on the one yard line in the red zone you do not go for the throw pass. And especially if you have a running back who 7 out of 10 times breaks tackles and gains at least 1 yard every time.

But problem...let's hope they're shaken up so bad that maybe it'll make the Niners look good later this year...

Xb1ps41352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I couldn't believe that call! That was the worse call in the history of nfl!

Only thing I can think of is they really didn't want lynch to have the game winning td, they must hate that guy so much they said f the win!


gangsta_red1352d ago

I've heard those rumors too. That they didn't want Marshawn to get the TD because then his contract negotiations would have went through the roof.

But I can't believe that, I refuse to believe any coach would sacrifice a Super Bowel win just because he doesn't want to pay the best running back in the league right now some extra millions.

Raiders!? Don't even get me started on that team, they are ranked next year right next to Jacksonville.

Kribwalker1352d ago

I understand that it seemed really stupid, but throughout the year, lynch was 1 of 5 from the 1 yard line, and he was stopped on a 3rd and short earlier in the 3rd quarter. I woulda run a play action bootleg to the left there so that Wilson would have had the option to run or throw or if the pass wasn't there, throw it out the back of the end zone. That would have been the best call for that play. They still would have had a timeout and a chance to run 2 more plays if they didn't get it there

Xb1ps41352d ago

You know.... I thought ms had big plans with the nfl? Didn't they land a deal or something...

I didn't watch the video but considering the Super Bowl is over..... What's the point?

Oldman1001352d ago

It's the ultimate bowling tournament.

TheCommentator1352d ago

Nothing to do with smoking at all? Weird.

Oldman1001352d ago

It's all down to interpretation! hahaha

Nilla_Nate1352d ago

Paul Allen owns the Seahawks. Just sayin...