5 Wii Games That Absolutely Must Come to Wii U eShop

With the recent re-release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Punch-Out, and the Metroid Prime Trilogy, we take a look at other Wii games that deserve the same treatment.

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kwandar1409d ago

They missed one key one ... Resident Evil IV .... best version was on Wii U with the Wiimote.

wonderfulmonkeyman1409d ago

I'd kill to see Pandora's Tower get a re-release, especially if it comes with a patch to fix the freezing glitch...

Mikito111409d ago

It is getting released here in UK/Europe.. It was shown on part of the direct along with sin and punishment 2

wonderfulmonkeyman1408d ago

Well I'm state-side, so unless it's announced for the states alongside a proper patch for the game...

Metallox1409d ago

They must re-release the first two Pikmim games, although in their GameCube versions, I'm not fan of Wiimotes that much.

stragomccloud1409d ago

Wii remotes made the game a lot more manageable since it was more like having a mouse to control the game with.

MadMenX1409d ago

Zelda twilight without a doubt needs to come, wiiu needs all the help it can get, this game is much needed in the Eshop.

1409d ago