[RUMOR] GTAV Heists DLC Coming in February

Several sources indicate a February release for the heists DLC that will breathe new life into the game.

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DxTrixterz1356d ago

At this point not even rumors get me excited for heists. I've already heard about 10 different release dates for them since 2013. Now for me it's like yeah whatever they'll release them when they'll release them nothing special.

crazychris41241356d ago

You GTA fanboys are the worst, its obviously bundled with the remastered version for the next console generation

3-4-51356d ago

I'm more concerned with what their next game is.

By now, they should have been working 0n it for over a year, so hopefully we get something at E3.

ZombieKiller1356d ago

My guess is the 17th or the 24th. More the 24th honestly. I bet they are close but they want to make sure it all works well for everyone. Or would you rather it be crap?

It shows in R*'s quality. If that doesn't say it, look at COD's declining quality once it went to a yearly cycle.

Games take time. That is the best part about time, we got a fair amount of it. Have patience.

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Clown_Syndr0me1356d ago

Is already what, 16 months late?
I have a feeling when they do get released they will be a huge dissappointment. I predict linearity, lack of variety/different heists, too short and poor payouts. I hope so much I am wrong.

Braid1356d ago

It will be a huge dissapointment, not because of its actual content but because it's long overdue and people hyped it up way too much in the meantime. That's what happens when you insist on talking about a simple, additional game mode like it's the second coming of Christ. Heists this and heists that. It's a game mode, people, it may or may not come out, it may be a good addition or a missed chance, anything could happen. Stop holding your breath for it and try it out when it's released. I've seen a lot of crazy things in this industry but people obsessing over a friggin DLC is new to me. Behold the new generation of impatient, entitled hordes of gamers, I guess.

Ken851356d ago

Actually back when GTA online was first being shown off, Heist was an intergral part of the game. People can be impatient when something is promised to them and it's constantly being pushed back further and further. Especially when you spent money on it.

DxTrixterz1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

"impatient, entitled hordes of gamers"?

Do you know when the original GTA V came out on PS3/Xbox 360? 17th September 2013. Heists themselves were announced in the GTA Online official trailer by the time GTA V was released. Today is 2nd February 2015. So let me count how long it has been already.504 days or 1 year, 4 months, 17 days and that's not even new full game but just DLC. So sorry for being impatient but we've already been waiting for them way too long.

JeffGUNZ1356d ago

Dude, heists were advertised as the big selling point to GTA V online and were pushed back month after month after month. This falls all on R* here.

Braid1356d ago

It's indeed partly due to Rockstar's sloppy job, both in terms of advertisement and not being able to keep up with the schedule, but is this DLC really that important to push rumors/news everyday? Why not let it go? I guess it would be important if it was released on time, but the game itself lost its revelance quite a while ago. It's almost been 17 months since I beat the game and even though the game is a blast, everything loses its revelance after 17 months.

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CloudRap1356d ago

thats cool but wheres the single player dlc? The Ballad of Gay Tony was better than
GTAIV itself so I have high expectations for this one.

The7Reaper1356d ago

This is what Heist release date rumor number 30 lol

spacedelete1356d ago

i still wish they remastered the previous GTA games instead of GTAV as even though it is very massive in scope and detail it is very boring to actually play. i'd even say i'd rather have had a GTAIV remaster. GTAV is the worst 3D GTA game to me.

Halo2ODST21356d ago

I know, GTA 5 is so boring, whether your online or on single player

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