Ten ridiculously convoluted video game mythologies

Video game backstories and mythologies are great. The more complex, the better. These aren't the top ten, but they're ten good ones.

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Stringerbell1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Fabula Nova Crystallis trumps them all. Even the name is convoluted!

WilliamUsher1450d ago

Gotta agree about that. I don't even know what Square was thinking when they put that mess together.

By the way, I love that avatar. 'Q' is the man!

Stringerbell1450d ago

Yeah I'm on the last game in the series and I'm still confused. Oh and thank you, Q is a pretty cool character =p

WildArmed1449d ago

Easily, this doesn't even try to make sense. Just throw in "TIME PARADOX" and that's as far as they go to try to make sense of the story.

Still working on FF13LR, atleast the combat is fun

3-4-51449d ago

I hear people complain about complex stories a lot, but none of them are ever hard to understand.

Truth = Some People aren't intelligent enough to comprehend the entirety of what they are witnessing, so they jump to a conclusion or say it's "too convoluted" or "too complex".

* Your mental limitations, are not humanities mental limitations.

I've yet to be confused with a movie plot or video game story yet.

Most of them are actually too predictable and I'd wish they would get a bit more complex.

With a good story, I want to be guessing and thinking about things and not just be mindless.

Writing a story that makes you have to think is a good skill.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1450d ago

Jak and Daxter isn't convoluted at all! Replace that with Kingdom Hearts and you got a good list.

WildArmed1449d ago

Yeah, I was wondering that.
KH starts out with a big bang of mess (chronologically from BBS or even if u start with KH1)

GamesGamesGames1449d ago

Are you f-ing kidding me? Jak and Daxter is on the list but not Kingdom Hearts?

Baka-akaB1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

How can anyone's brain be hurt by Assassin creed ? That's ridiculous . It's a bunch of pretty straightforward and linear stories , even if the sci fi concept and elements are out there , only it involve delving into full blown flashback of some pasts , but in a straight linear to follow from one game to another . What's mindblowing about that ?

die_fiend1449d ago

The future parts of the Ass games are ridiculous. They're extremely convoluted.

I note how you haven't explained any of it, whilst saying it's so simple.

Baka-akaB1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I said it's out there , or using your terms yeah it's ridiculous . Doesnt mean it's hard to follow .

And what do you want me to explain ? in a nutshell 2 rival secret societies spanning centuries , one believed to be the ultimate evil , want to snatch some precious artifact , they use a convoluted mean to explore the past to find out where said artifact was hidden or lost . Even adding other twists , it's straighforward and linear in its unfolding

Isnt it still a story , weither we enjoy it or not that you can follow from one game to the next , in the "desmond" saga , and even after Desmond with each new sequel ?

telekineticmantis1449d ago

Lol I knew they would put Metal Gear.

GameSpawn1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Most of the games they listed have on going stories spread over multiple games that (if you haven't played an earlier game) can cause confusion because they reference things they assume you already know. This is totally understandable and anyone with half a brain jumping into the middle of a multi-game series will use a wiki to catch them up without needing to jump into previous games directly.

Jak & Daxter is the biggest WTF on the list just because of all the series listed it doesn't belong with the others. The Jak games don't even jump around; they're already chronological [Jak 1 > Jak 2 > Jak 3 <> Jak X (Jak X Racing is kind of stand alone); Daxter takes place just before Jak 2 starts, but it was also only on PSP and only contributes to Daxter and not the story as a whole].

Metal Gear is only convoluted because it bounces around the timeline between different games as well as using NUMEROUS technical terms lost on brand new players. As much as I hate to advise it, I still recommend playing the games in somewhat numerical order [MGS1, MGS2, MGS3, MGS:Peace Walker, MGS4]. You could play them chronologically (MGS3 & Peace Walker first), but the gameplay is more forgiving if you play them numerically as each iteration adds more complex gameplay elements. The original Metal Gear 1 & 2 are NOT recommended because MGS1 and subsequent Solid games buggered whatever story and timeline the non-Solid games introduced and will only cause more confusion.

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