Best New Nintendo 3DS accessories to buy along with the portable system

Game Idealist takes a look at the best New Nintendo 3DS accessories to buy along with the newest hardware revision of the portable system.

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DualWielding1379d ago

you also need to get a screwdriver... and that shows how stupid Nintendo is

crusf1378d ago

Oh grow up. You want me to hold your hand? It's just a couple of screws! If you have a big enough SD card you shouldn't even need to change it more than once.

DivineAssault 1378d ago

im keeping my old 3DS XL so i wont need a charger.. Im probably going to give it to my nephew & find him another charger somewhere.. Screen protecter maybe.. I dont trash my systems or anything but accidents happen.. I have a handy system tool kit so i can replace that tiny 4GB right away.. I just got a decent sdhc sandisc 32GB micro for $18 from best buy... Had em price match amazon because they wanted $59.99 for it!

enamiiz1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

A small microfibre cloth, dry, wipe down the bottom screen daily.
A medium lcd monitor style cloth, damp, wipe down whole system once a week.

A #1 Philips Precision Screwdriver.

Micro SD is obviously a must. Apparently, getting a faster card has no effect on the 3DS, which I read somewhere, but I'm not sure if that's true or not. I ended up getting a Sandisk Extreme Class 10 32GB when on half price sale. The card included with the system is a Toshiba Class 4 4GB and the official Nintendo ones are Class 4 also --
Also, I think it's possible to use a card bigger then 32GB if you format it. Again, something I read somewhere.

Screen Protector: I wouldn't bother unless you or whoever the 3DS is for are likely to be derpy and accidentally stylus the hell out of the wrong screen by mistake. I've had mine since day one and after regular, non-derpy gameplay I can't see a single hairline scratch on either screen at any light angle. The screens may have scratch res built in or something... not sure.

That shell case, or something similar, could be handy. The glossy finish can get slippy at times. Pretty ugly though, just pause and wipe your hands.

I grabbed a charger and base and connected them both initially, but since I always play in the same spot (which is by an outlet) I have the system permanently connected to charge during gameplay and removed from charge and displayed in the base when not playing. Sleep Mode when pausing during gameplay and no Sleep Mode (OFF) when in base. Never have to stop playing to charge.

Carry Case and/or Shell if you intend to carry the system around with you. I don't myself so didn't bother with such things.

RosweeSon1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Yeah I'm looking to get a 32gb micro SD utter noob tho so I normally just grab the console wait and see what one comes with it and then get the larger size, seen 32gb sandisc extreme, have had an 8gb since day one and it's still not full even with a good 4/5 full games installed, but yeah so cheap and might as well get a reasonably big one won't even need to change it again.

Also got that really cool NES hard pouch ordered as well, gonna have to grab me some screen protectors as well ;)

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