Three Single Player Games to Look Out for in February

OnlySP: 2015 is off to a great start already. In January we got some pretty stellar games on both the indie and triple AAA side of the spectrum and February is looking to continue that trend. This month, single player gamers have a lot to look forward to on the side of RTS games, as well as the first hot PS4 exclusive of the year, The Order: 1886. There's also a number of indie games coming out as well that players should keep an eye on, such as, There Came an Echo. So, without further ado, here's the top three single player games of February 2015.

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Wingsfan242924d ago

Really looking forward to checking out The Order: 1886. I'm glad they haven't shown off much of the game with their marketing campaign, because, doing coverage of video games can really kinda ruin the fun of playing a new game since you know so much about it.

Not worried about it being linear or cinematic at all, considering a lot of my favorite games are linear and cinematic. I'm ready for a strong narrative and a game that won't take me 500+ hours to complete ;)

jb2272924d ago

Amen to that. I'm getting tired of every game being a grindy open world type of deal. I only have time to play maybe 1 or 2 games of that ilk per year & even then only if I've read some glowing praise from likeminded gamers. A good linear cinematic game can accomplish more in 10 hours than what a lesser open world game can do in 100 in my opinion. I enjoy getting lost in a game world, but I prefer to have multiple environments to take in personally & I need some kind of story thread to get myself to care. The Order is right up my alley personally & its definitely been my most anticipated game since the PS4 launched personally. I'm not worried about it in the slightest in terms of quality, seems to tick all of the boxes I enjoy in gaming so bring it right on.