Dying Light Mods: Techland Vows To Re-Enable Mods Via Patch Soon Over Steam

In a pleasing turn of events, Techland has responded to a huge flood of reports that website have been piggy-backing on claiming that the Dying Light developer was taking a stand against mods. Today, on their own Official Dying Light Steam Page, the development studio has taken the time out to assure gamers that they are indeed still for the gamer, and pro-modding.

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TheJacksonRGN1447d ago

Yeah now hopefully people stop complaining as much.

CurrentDigital1447d ago

No patch can change how redundant this game can be.


famoussasjohn1447d ago

Talk about being redundant.

AltairvsEzio1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

having a blast with this game on the PC

spydersvenom1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I never understand it when a developer prevents mods on PC games, especially ones covered by DRM like Steam. It was decided by the courts long ago (in the NES times during a Galoob Game Genie case) that the end user can affect the software anyway they please provided that it doesn't alter the game into something else and then gets re-marketed. I bought your game, let me play it as I see fit.

I also like this particular news because while Dying Light seems to run better on my rig (4690k/GTX 970) than others it can't quite keep that constant 60 fps I want and modders usually figure out how to fix that pretty quickly.

spydersvenom1447d ago

Okay that makes perfect sense. Mods are NOT appreciated on competitive games or other such circumstances, I apologize for not thinking about that. But still, I think that for single player experiences or the aspects of the game that don't affect gameplay (like the Futurama cast in Left 4 Dead) it shouldn't be an issue. Dying Light's campaign, and many games like it, shouldn't care if you use mods.

MoeStedley1447d ago

I always thought it was a money play. I feel people would buy less dlc if the community is constantly churning out new/varied content. I could easily be wrong though, who knows.

ajeezy091447d ago

This is a good move if people where cheating. I had a feeling that was going down in the first place samething with COD If people are going to cheat with the mods it's best they patch the game to stop people from doing so.

KorekSAN1447d ago

It is very good move. That was annoying when you couldn't kill zombie player cause he cheated.

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