PS4 Console w/ free TLOU & Year of Plus $399

Amazon is now offering a PS4 console with The Last Of Us Remastered and 1 Year Of Playstation Plus for the low price of $399. No details on how long this will last so you might consider jumping on this as soon as possible.

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JMaine5181357d ago

That's a great deal. Just in time for those refund check console seekers.

Magicite1357d ago

So you save 100$? Cant beat that.

JMaine5181357d ago

Around there. Maybe less because you can find TLOU:R for around $30 but still a great deal.

mikeslemonade1357d ago

You should already have a PS4 since day 1. Been playing great games all year long and free games on plus. You waited this long to save $100!?

DarkOcelet1357d ago

That is actually a pretty awesome deal.

CloudRap1357d ago

I smell a $50-$100 price drop on the way.

Thatguy-3101357d ago

I doubt they'll be a price. At best they'll just be adding value to the 400$ ps4 model.

Stringerbell1357d ago

This could mean a permanent price reduction in TLOU. 19.99 perhaps?

Letthewookiewin1357d ago

I can see them keeping the price high for TLoU so the in the consumers eyes they are getting a better deal when purchasing the bundle.

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