Luigi’s Mansion Arcade is a first person lightgun game

A new Luigi’s Mansion game is already available to play in Japan, but it’s not any console and it’s actually being made by Capcom…

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Jdoki1353d ago

Nintendo have quite a heritage of arcade machine collaborations...

Namco made the Mario Kart Arcade GP 1 and 2

F-Zero AX was made in conjunction with Sega

I think there was a Donkey Kong game also built on the Triforce arcade board (itself a GameCube with a lot of bells and whistles and mods)

And now Luigi's Mansion with Capcom

jayzablade1352d ago

Wii U + Wii Remote + Pistol Attachment = WIN!!
Make it happen Nintendo!!

calvincrack1352d ago

Whoa. Count. Me. The fuck. In.