Club Nintendo is Down After Rewards Go Live

"This morning, we reported on all the new and shiny rewards available from the Club Nintendo catalog. Unfortunately, that newness may have weighed a little bit too heavily on the server, as Club Nintendo is now down and no longer operational" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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RosweeSon1355d ago

Haha yeah I'm from U.K and even I had to have a peek see if I could find anything I'd be wanting to go down the ebay route for but was met by the same message.

crazysammy1355d ago

Shocker Nintendo can't handle the amount of customers it has. /sarcasm

Seriously though how do they NEVER gauge properly customer demand for anything be it physical product or online services?

1355d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1355d ago

Well, think of all the crap they've been getting from the media lately, saying no one wants their products.
It's no surprise they'd believe that they don't have to put out much, if they think there aren't many who want it.

We need to change that.

RosweeSon1355d ago

Nintendo don't listen to all the horror stories hence why they are always 100% behind there products and stick with their visions very rare nintendo will do a full 180 once they announced something.

sarshelyam1355d ago, I got in and got the Majora's Mask Puzzle with minimal effort, but it took an hour of refreshing to get the order submitted for the 2015 Card Case. Now, I can't get in to spend the last of my coins on the 3DS XL pouch. *sigh*

gerbwmu1355d ago

That's what happens when everyone rushes to the website. Thankfully I want download codes for games so I can wait and grab them when the mad rush slows down.

Sad to see Club Nintendo leave....but I'm grabbing 4 games on the way out and waiting to see what Platinum will get me in March

Zulehan1355d ago

I just happened to be on at maybe 3 AM. Since many North Americans are asleep at that time, I assume that is the obvious reason why I had no connectivity issues at the Club Nintendo site, and got what I wanted quick.

(Yay, Earthbound! Been meaning to try it out.)

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The story is too old to be commented.