Dying Light Bug Deleting Loot and Resetting Levels

XBA: Dying Light players are having their loot and levels deleted, thanks to a strange bug.

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johnherlosky1406d ago

oh no, is this on the PS4 version?

The-Matrix-has-you1406d ago

I was so nervous when I started my game up just now but everything is intact! I recommend backing up your saves on a usb flash drive just in case. The game may overwrite your cloud saves after corruption so its risky to rely on that. Also if you enter a building that requires loading it saves the game. I always go to the tower before I quit from menu (Also saves). Hope this helps someone.

twiggytree121406d ago

I had this happen actually, I was dying a lot and figured I had lost all my experience and didn't notice when I shut down.
Maybe this is not the case...