Stop Bashing The Order: 1886, It's Getting Old

Bill Smith on why you should reserve judgment on The Order: 1886.

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Abash1354d ago

I see more trailers for the game and all it does is get me more excited for The Order. I also have been waiting on a big new AAA game to get and I'm really glad I only have to wait a couple of more weeks now

Mechanism1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Thanks for letting me know what your main account is 'urwifeminder', i've seen you do this one before.

You guys just carry on without giving legitimate reasons why the hate is justified. What is Halo 5 doing that is so revolutionary? Are the new jump dash and ADS something really to be applauded, something that is now extremely generic within FPS now? What is Quantum Break - except for so far only displaying corridor shooting, 3rd person mechanics? Why are games like Bioshock etc not ripped apart for not having MP (also looks like the new Tomb Raider your timed exclusive will be too). Why is Batman not ridiculed for having ALOT more QTE events than The Order is displaying? I'll tell you why, it's because yourselves, and the US media are desperate.

Keep up your one liners and bitter attitude towards a console that is trampling all over yours respectively.

The ironic thing, is that your lashing out of these games really directs your one liner back at yourself, and your XBone.

Carry on.

Meatyboy1354d ago Show
Death1354d ago

You are seriously blaming the US media like it is a conspiracy? The PS4 has been the number one selling console in North America since launch with the Xbox One only winning in monthly sales for 3 out of 14 months. If someone doesn't like the Order, perhaps the reason is actually what they have seen of the game.

DigitalRaptor1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I don't believe that the US media are desperate in the sense that you are implying.

I believe they are comprised of foolish opportunists who enjoy picking criticisms out of thin air and establishing double standards so that they have something that will cause discussion. They are desperate for clicks, not to downplay a specific console. People fear what they don't know. The smart ones don't panic and spread misinformation about something they don't know about. The stupid ones spread concern and hate.

I completely agree about the double standards when it comes to games like Quantum Break. Where's the concern for that game? I mean seriously. If the modern gaming media was fair and unbiased, we would have had an abundance of articles tearing apart that game, because it's done practically nothing to differentiate itself from the kind of game The Order is, and it's supposed to come out in a few months.

We're starting to see that the main reason we haven't seen much of The Order game compared to a lot of other games pre-release is because it's heavily plot-sensitive. It was always going to have solid third person gameplay mechanics, a super interesting story and a fantastic atmosphere.

The game looks fantastic, and I was 100% right about everything I was saying in the wake of all the unfounded hate, double standards and foolish opinions the game was at the receiving end of. Even if the game somehow gets negative reviews now, after overwhelming positive previews and lots of excitement due to a much improved showing in the past couple of months, we'll all still know that it is a great solid game that has been torn apart by people who are unable to keep their own expectations at bay. Like DriveClub.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

The only people bashing it are people looking for clicks and people who have no intention of ever playing it. Anyone with any credibility would actually wait until they actually play the game or at a bare minimum, watch the game being played live before making negative comments about it. The common thread that holds those with negative comments together seems to be that it's linear and has quick time events, which is ridiculous.

Some of the best games ever made are linear with quick time events:

The Last Of Us
God Of War
South Park The Stick Of Truth
The Walking Dead
Batman Arkham Origins
Tomb Raider
Remember Me
Dead Space 3
Just Cause 2
Heavy Rain

And there are plenty more. Making comments based on a demo or a gameplay video that lasts less than 10 minutes completely lacks any credibility. Now if there are glitches or unresponsive controls or something affecting gameplay, then you'd have something relevant to discuss. Trying to dismiss an entire game based on your opinion is just shallow and disingenuous.

WeAreLegion1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

I am very excited for The Order, but many of the games you listed aren't linear.

Septic1354d ago

Raising concerns is one thing, completely writing off the game entirely based on the play-through is another.

If the game has an over-abundance of QTE's then it, quite rightly, should be criticised for it. I've read posts from people saying how they now love QTE's and its not a problem. No it is a problem and simply dumbs down the gameplay. But if executed properly, and sparsely, then yeah, The Order won't have any trouble.

But lets distinguish legitimate concerns from all out clickbait in the form of writing the game off completely based on a limited demo.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

"If the game has an over-abundance of QTE's then it, quite rightly, should be criticised for it."

How would anyone know that The Order has an over-abundance of QTE's if they haven't played it more than ten minutes? I think you're making my point for me.

As for others trying to make comparisons to Ryse, Ryse has several problems that go far beyond QTEs.

Horrible frame rates
Horrible story
Terrible voice acting
Extremely repetitive game play

"As a melee-combat action game, however, Ryse suffers from a stultifying lack of variety and a depressingly mechanical approach to gore."

" there are maybe half a dozen basic enemy types, whose tactics are scarcely all that different to start with. It's brainless stuff, and quite boring."

"As repetitive and shallow as it is, Ryse is always blandly playable "

"Originally touted as a solid 30fps experience, Ryse misses the mark more often than we'd like with frame-rates often fluctuating between 26-28fps. The most challenging situations even see the frame-rate drop into the teens, though such moments are few and far between and often kick in during engine-generated cut-scenes, so there is no actual impact on playability. While drops occurring during the opening bridge sequence - with hundreds of troops on screen - seem reasonable we've also observed dips in areas with little to no combat."

marlinfan101354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

He didn't say it does, he said if It does have too many than its a problem. All your complaints about ryse are complaints that were found out after release, that doesn't have anything to do with the hate it got pre release. For all we know the order will get the same complaints you just mentioned about ryse.

Edit- didn't see septics reply till after I wrote it, we basically said the same thing

christocolus1354d ago


you clearly know nothing about ryse also Septic did'nt even mention Ryse in his comment,you brought it up. The game had a great story, beautiful voice acting and ok gameplay which i and many others enjoyed.The graphics were stellar too and you should also know that not everyone who bashes a game does it because of stupid fanboy reasons.Ive realised that those complaining about the game keep stating similar reasons. it was similar to what happened with ryse and others prior to launch. The authors of these so called anti- the order articles have every reason to be cautious afterall they are only stating their opinions(like they've done with other games in the past). you should go read eurogamer and gamespot hands-on articles on the order for yourself.

That aside you should know that people who blindly downplay a game are just as bad as those who blindy defend it. In the end it comes down to personal opinion and from the little i've seen of the order, i think ill be picking it up just like i did ryse.


i think you have a point there.

Septic1354d ago

"How would anyone know that The Order has an over-abundance of QTE's if they haven't played it more than ten minutes? I think you're making my point for me."

Yes this is exactly what I said. Look after the last bit of my post.

As for your points about Ryse and it's shortfalls, the same logic applies. We haven't played the final game. The Order could just as well suffer from the same problems.

Thats the point. Based on the limited demo some people have played, they weren't impressed by it because it was extremely linear, lacking depth and had some qtes. But then again, it was a short demo compared to a proper review which is why any sensible person will reserve judgement till the final game.

DLConspiracy1354d ago

That list is horrible. Some of those don't even fit in the linear category. Just Cause alone is an open world game. Ryse had great voice acting BTW. Repetitive gameplay sure.

Back on point. I am taking a chance on The Order. Just like I will probably be taking a chance on Until Dawn too. People enjoy tell tale games and they usually have mostly positive things to say about them. So I am sure this will be fine as well.

souldestroyer141354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Do you have remember me and South Park on a list of the best games ever made? Also walking dead and batman are anything but linear
edit: this comment was meant to be directed to a different comment

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alb18991354d ago

Opinions are just opinions. Some think that should preorder this game and some are sceptic about just have to accept that.
In my case, I am sceptic. I'm playing wait and see with this one, I work too hard to waste my money.

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