Obsessive Gamer Explains Why Link Should Talk

ZI: We've had many discussions over the years on the value of voice acting in the Zelda series and how it should be expanded upon one day - but one topic we have actively avoided is the prospect of Link himself talking - whether through text or voice. Link has obviously had a voice before, as he has audibly spoke words in The Wind Waker, while also actively conversing in the official Manga. Beyond that, Link clearly is speaking in the games already based upon the reactions of people towards him, we just don't know exactly what he is saying. Then of course, Link had an audible voice in both the Cartoon series and the CDi games, two examples of voice acting gone wrong.

One fan has decided to tackle this topic, landing strongly on the side of Link getting his own voice, largely because he feels like Link already has his own personality. Plus, the fact Nintendo is willing to experiment in so many other ways, it is a bit odd they haven't at least attempted to have him talk throughout one adventure, just to see how we would take it. As some of you may guess, I tend to agree, as I feel the Zelda series should have voice acting and that Link himself should speak. Of course I understand and appreciate all the counter arguments, so I won't bother to offer my own side of this tale beyond those statements.

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