Resident Evil HD Remaster Review- A classic Resurrected- Gameondaily

"Resident Evil HD for a whole host reasons puts the last iteration in the main series, number six to shame."

"Whether you’re returning to the series or playing for the first time there is one certainty you will be pleased you shelled out on this horror classic. Now we can only hope Capcom gives us Resident Evil Zero HD."

James Hobbs from Gameondaily reviews Resident Evil HD Remaster

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An absolute classic from start to finish. Really hope the rumours of a proper Resident Evil and 3 remaster are true.

Ma1nframeisBack1357d ago

So.Sick.Of.Remasters (minus GTA and The Last of Us, ofcourse).

The order 1886 can't come soon enough.

Septic1357d ago

No one is forcing you to buy them though so it's not all bad.

Ma1nframeisBack1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

It is bad actually. To many developers are deciding not to develop new games and IP's, instead opting for the quick up-rezzed money grabs. Lazy lazy lazy.