What Do You Want From A Hyrule Warriors Sequel?

ZI: It's pretty safe to say that a Dynasty Warriors crossover was an unexpected direction for the Zelda franchise, taking the adventuring, puzzling adventures we know, and condensing them all into a hack-and-slash title with representatives from across the series. Everyone from the Eiji Aonuma, to the fans themselves were hesitant about this spin-off, wondering if it would live up to the expectations. As we learned more about it, we came to terms with the fact that is was never intended as a "true" Zelda game, but would be a Dynasty Warriors game with a Zelda coat of polish. And while some stubbornly refused to accept these and came out of playing the Wii U title disappointed, many more found a different experience with their favorite characters.

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shaw981356d ago

The Groose needs to be let loose!!!

gerbwmu1356d ago

What I want out of a Hyrule Warriors sequel is Fire Emblem Warriors

1356d ago
randomass1711356d ago

Online multiplayer should have been in HW. :U

Nodoze1356d ago

More maps and fighting locations. Overall the game is great already. Anything additional is gravy.

Also more weapons would be great.

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