Kojima Would Like an Open World Current-Gen Remake of Metal Gear Solid, But No One Wants to Make it

Hideo Kojima put the old PS1 version of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, but he would like to see more, as he revealed at Taipei Game Show during a media session.

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Summons751354d ago

Then you make it after MGSV and do not make it ANYTHING like that Twin Snakes.

breakpad1354d ago

fortunately he didnt make Twin Snakes and is not considered canon

hay1353d ago

I'd buy it. I'd play it. Hell, I could even work on it.

Neo_Zeed1353d ago

How is TTS not canon? The story is hasn't been altered... it's MGS.

ShinMaster1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

No one wants to make it because no one but Kojima Productions could probably do it.

EeJLP-1353d ago

I want MGS1 remastered with current graphics, with the original audio (music and voice acting), cutscenes, etc.

Just enhance everything without changing it. I'm sure that's what most fans of the original want. They don't want it to be different; they want it brought up to today's graphical standards.

I question this 'open-world remake'. It would probably still be a great game, but fans would still be begging for a remaster of the original.

If he wants an open-world remake, it should include the original remastered with it.

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Malice-Flare1354d ago

he approved Twin Snakes. if anything he'll try to top the craziness. plus, the flashbacks in MGS4 uses the Twin Snakes dub...

PX541353d ago

From what I hear, the original PS1 audio was recorded in a flat, rather than a recording studio so when it was remastered for Twin Snakes the traffic could be heard in the background which is why they had to re-record everything for Twin Snakes in the end

BudokaiGamer1354d ago

What was wrong with Twin Snakes? It was the first MGS I played and I thought it was widely accepted as a good "port."

Alsybub1354d ago

I loved MGS on PSX and I loved Twin Snakes on GC. This thread is the first I've ever heard of people disliking it.

Cy1354d ago

Twin Snakes>>>>>MGS1

Neo_Zeed1353d ago

It would have been better if they hadn't ruined the audio.

MGS is ultimately still better.

Neo_Zeed1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

The game would have been fine if they left the audio alone and removed some code from the MGS 2 engine that was not needed in MGS.

OutcastMosquito1353d ago

Are you ok in the head? Twin snakes was MGS1 with better visuals... It's better than the original in every way..

Summons751353d ago

It was terrible, redone cutscenes that added unnecessary hollywood crap, redone audio which was crap, flipping over missiles.... Any true MGS fan knows it was crap and it isn't even considered canon. The original was lightyears better.

Alsybub1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

MGS1 with the MGS2 engine. I thought it was fantastic and it stood as a game in its own right.

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carlingtat1354d ago

I would love to see a remake of MGS but only for textures and graphics. Putting an open world mechanic into the game would ruin it I feel

DigitalHope1354d ago

You don't think they could pull off a Shadow Moses in the same way they did Camp Omega? I think it would be fantastic.

BiggerBoss1353d ago

Thats a good point, I think it could turn out awesome if done properly

rainslacker1353d ago

I can see levels being more open, but open world to me implies more like you can go around and do anything at any time, while choosing when to go to the next story checkpoint.

That's a fine game play mechanic for many games, although not my cup of tea overall, but with MG, I never got the sense that time was not an issue. The idea that the urgency to complete the mission to go off and perform random side quests doesn't seem that compelling for a MGS game. Snake himself is pretty narrowly focused on completing his mission, so the idea of it just doesn't fit his character.

Granted, all MG games have those odd side things which don't fit in neatly with his character or story, but do a fine job of rounding out the universe, giving some comic relief, and provide some good character development....most of the time.

I think Kojima could bring some interesting twist to the open world premise, and ultimately make it interesting though. I'd still play it either way.

Captain_Wormy1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Open world?! Hell no! MGS1 is PERFECT. The only thing he can do is update the graphics.

MrBeatdown1354d ago

Some things just don't need to be remade.

I'd love to see it with a whole new coat of paint, but I love the gameplay and story as is.

He can go remake Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 though.

TomahawkX1354d ago

I think he means open world like Ground Zeroes where the entire base is accessible without loading, all the areas would be connected seamlessly, I'd be down for that.

HiddenMission1354d ago

Exactly which I'm totally down for. Some people never move out of the past...just look at those cats still rocking the 80's big hair band hair cuts.

Some people just need to move forward with their lives and let others experience stuff the way they want to.

An open world remake of MGS1 wouldn't hurt anyone plus it would introduce the newer generation of gamers to the brand and possibly have them wanting to go back and play the original.

Roccetarius1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Not everything needs to be remade as open world. Some things should just be left as it is. Open World is becoming more and more hated as a buzzword.

NukaCola1354d ago

Yeah, MGS would be great in true next gen graphics, but I would leave the orignal art style, gameplay, camera effects, and overall style. I wouldn't turn it into a TPS title. Leave it how it was but overlay a visual upgrade ( Maybe how HALO Anny is)

PaleMoonDeath1354d ago

Because developers simply know better than to mess with Koji's classics.

silvacrest1354d ago

i hate to say it but......twin snakes?

Kyosuke_Sanada1354d ago

I would love to see an open world Policenauts..........

hkgamer1354d ago

as cool as that may sound, i think it may be unneccesary for that game unless he adds in a lot of filler content as well as unnecesary acrion.

that game works fine as a visual novel.

however, i do want kojima to create a new ip that has a similar theme to snatcher or policenaut. that + openworld would just be amazing

rainslacker1353d ago

For policenaughts or Snatcher specifically I can see it like you do.

I could definately see an open world game set in that universe or style though. It would be pretty cool actually. If it had the same characters then that'd be even better. So much potential there.

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