Top 5 video game remakes that are better than the originals

MWEB GameZone writes: "Love them or hate them, but the remake or remaster is becoming much more proponent in gaming. But even if you are a hater of remake, you can't deny, that sometimes they really do come out better the second time around."

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HoldenZA1444d ago

The Witcher is apparently amazing! I need to play it still, or maybe I should play the original to realize exactly how good the remake is.

lord zaid1444d ago

It's a bit heavy on the nudity, I'm told. So if that's off putting you might want to give it a miss

SonZeRo1444d ago

I'd think about witcher as the original looked really bad.

desolationstorm1444d ago

WWHD was such a good remake. Touch screen item menu, faster sea travel and minimizing the end fetch quest made a great game better.

lord zaid1444d ago

Yes. A lot of small, subtle improvements. Very cool

Stringerbell1444d ago

Love Twin Snakes and I really dont get why its shunned. For instance it should have been in the most recent MGS collection that came out for the PS3. Instead Konami threw us a digital dl code for the tired old PSX version.

ZombieGamerMan1444d ago

off all of them the only actual remake is Twin Snakes, people have forgotten what a remake is

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