Halo Community Update 1.31.15

Just before the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you may recall that the Halo Bulletin moved to video form for the first time, taking our weekly written news drop of all things Halo and video-ifying it. While we hope you’re enjoying the new Bulletin on The Halo Channel, we recognize that it is sometimes better (and necessary) to provide updates in the traditional blog form. Thus, I’d like to provide an update on developments across the studio, including MCC content and playlist updates as well as Halo 5

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RjK311jR1449d ago

It never once says not happen? It says it will happen, just at a later date! This is click bait in my eyes

Charybdis1449d ago

The patch is happening either way the question is if they will first test it in the form of a beta for xbox preview members

RjK311jR1449d ago

they already did the testing last weekend, before superbowl, 4 days, Fri-Mon., what this says is they are going to need further testing and because of that they are delaying the public release of the patch (maybe doing some more changes, and evals). They are reviewing the time needed and will use the preview program. Thats how i read it.

u got owned1449d ago

Its too late 343 everyone have moved on. Next time have it working from day one.

RjK311jR1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

On another note, I love the preview program, and I get why they do the testing of the console updates but to use it as a Beta test for already released games, is wrong! What a mess! I get they reconfigured the whole matchmaking in it and need to test with similar versions of the game, and be able to separate those groups of users. This is an opportunity for Xbox to start some sort of a game testers hub. Or a way to handle this other than their OS update system. MS should stop calling it a Patch Release Beta or Beta Patch. They they said something like its a Beta of a patch about to be released. C'mon guys! This is a AAA game still testing their MP and using the preview program, which means Halo:MCC wasn't complete. A testing grounds is an idea that should be expanded on differently. They should've released the game early for preview members or as a new Game Testers Hub, and delayed the full release. Or at least, if after release a major patch is needed, have that hub area for it that people can join, so all devs can pool people for testing and get feedback, just like the Xbox One's own OS Update system. Its a great feature. MS learn and grow from this in the future. The way they went about it is bad for the industry as a whole, because others may mirror this whole idea. Ubisoft didn't mirror but committed the same type of early release crap! It sucks and it needs to stop. Both these cases are shady, but how do we provide the avenues to fix-it or prevent-it from happening? And are these good ways to learn/grow if, and, or when it happens?
-Again these are my own thoughts, updated some errors

TenorCleft11449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

"...we are currently evaluating both timing and need for a CU beta with the Xbox One Preview program..."

This means that not only are they not certain on timing, but they're also not certain on the actual need of a CU beta at all, i.e. it may not actually happen.

Sm00thNinja1449d ago

Maybe they actually have confidence in the latest patch I think people are starting to move on at this point. 343 definitely lost the trust of Halo fans with this blunder my hype for Halo 5 is waining

DigitalRaptor1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

343 really screwed up bad on this one, especially bad since it's a major Halo release and they are the torchbearers for the future of the franchise.

What is obvious though, is that MCC won't have the community it could have had, had the game been flawless on launch, or even a couple of weeks after.

I'm wondering how Halo 5 coming out later this year, with 343 also working on fixes for their mistakes well into the new year, as well as working on Spartan Strike, and focusing 2 live-action TV series all in one year, will affect the one game that really should require their entire focus as a studio.

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