'Lords of the Fallen' - 'Ancient Labyrinth' DLC Postponed Until Next Patch

This month, developers Deck13 Interactive and CI Games were supposed to release a new downloadable package for last year’s hardcore role-playing title, Lords of the Fallen. Well, it’s already February, and said DLC is nowhere to be found.

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thekhurg1444d ago

Take your time guys, get it right. Core game was a ton of fun still looking forward to the DLC!

Aon1444d ago

I agree with you guys. Better if this DLC will be release one month leater than comes out with bugs. I will be wait for this DLC.

ThePowerpuffGirl1443d ago

It's a shame that we still have to wait. But fortunately it is not a few months, but at most a few weeks. Peacefully work on your patch, let everything fits nicely.

Joher1441d ago

Better will be if they release DLC with patch then we have finished games without bugs. I can wait this a few weeks to release DLC. For me LotF is a great game so DLC will be great too.

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