Platinum Games Steathily Releases 8-Bit Bayonetta

Platinum Games have released their latest entry in the Bayonetta Series. It's an 8-Bit version of the game available on their website.

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wetbizkit1356d ago

8 bit is best bit. That's really cool.

JamesSlack1356d ago

Give it a try too. It's super addictive

Hoffmann1356d ago

And the best part is that I can play it without having to buy a WiiU.

Thank you Platinum games and YOU for sharing the news

MegaRay1356d ago

So, xbone isnt the only console losing exclusivity for the pc?

Here's hoping for uncharted 4 16bit version to release this year

GokuSolosAll1356d ago

They should release it on PS with Trophies. I'd buy.

jayzablade1356d ago

So people are excited at an 8-bit 2 button demo game but won't get a Wii U to play the original and the sequel which many have touted as GOTY?! Stupidity at it's finest!!
We're all gamers tho aren't we?!

nidhogg1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

stupid at it's finest? lol. It's a good game yes but we wouldn't buy a Wii U just for that game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

and yall call yourself gamers.

BoNeSaW231356d ago

LOL! Your stupidity is at it's finest with that comment!