5 Reasons WWE 2K15 is the Worst Game I Have Ever Played

TK: Being a long-time wrestling fan, I was super excited to play ‘WWE 2K15’ on the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, I was so upset with the half-assed job done on the latest edition, considering it is the first from the franchise on the PS4.

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saadd201356d ago

I felt the same. Really bummed out with all the stuff they took out. It looks great but thats all there is to it. All style but no substance :(

mikeslemonade1356d ago

It's a clunky game. One worser controlled games I've ever played. You about 75% slower than the wrestlers on TV.

voodoochild3461356d ago

"One *worser* controlled games"... Come on. "Worser"? Smh....

Rainbowcookie1356d ago

With the reviews and stuff they took out I decided not to buy it and it was on my list. The3 dlc 's have better characters so it feels like a ripoff

saadd201356d ago

Path of the Warrior seems to be the best of the showcase dlc, still dont see why the season pass isnt a full one as it was in previous years.

patsrule3161356d ago

My son preordered it, and we both tried it and were very disappointed with it. He sold it back to best buy as used and got just about full price back. Still...worst game you've ever played? Gotta love hyperbole.

Symonator1356d ago

have to agree, also the career mode is terrible, once you win the belt it ends, you don't get to defend it.

ContinuePlay1356d ago

It's definitely a poor game, but to say it's the worst game ever is ridiculous hyperbole.I can think of dozens of games which make 2k15 look like a masterpiece.

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