Xur's inventory in Destiny is completely random and not Bungie-made

Are you getting angry over on Xur's inventory in Destiny? Well, don't, because Bungie has nothing to do with it, it's just randomly generated!

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Septic1354d ago

There's no source on the website? Can we be sure this is true? If so, then RNG hates the Gjallahorn.

PerrynAybara1354d ago

They bring Reddit anf Bungie's forum as sources.

UKmilitia1354d ago

what annoys me is since dark below release everything needs that to be bought from Xur.

no items ever seem to be buyable for me.

same as the weekly and dailys.
there should be ones for everyone.

pixelsword1354d ago

So THAT'S why I got magic panties...

AW360ME1354d ago

Gjallahorn has been removed from the Xur inventory, due to it being a "boss killer".
Therefore no matter how random this is, you will not be seeing Gjallahorn available from Xur again.

radler1354d ago

That's just a rumor. The same rumor said that Icebreaker had been removed from Xur's inventory for the same reasons but he sold it a couple weeks ago.

DivoJones1354d ago

False. The article that mentions that info is from, while this article about Xur is from the Destiny community manager DeeJ. One of these sources is not like the other.

GameSpawn1354d ago

Gjallahorn is overpowered (once you get the multi-rocket perk), but plenty of people have had no trouble getting it. Hell some people have gotten 5 or six of them from Legendary/Exotic engrams and as drops from the Atheon boss fight (even on Normal).

Icebreaker isn't that overpowered, it just has a insanely useful perk to regen its own ammo. The regen speed is enough to balance the weapon out to prevent people from spamming it.

die_fiend1354d ago

'Well, don't, because Bungie has nothing to do with it'

Really? Who decided on it being random then? Oh that's right, Bungie. So it is their fault.

TheCommentator1354d ago

Thank you, it needed to be said.

TimeSkipLuffy1354d ago

They can tell us whatever we want. First Deej says on twitch there is a team that knows what is coming and now he says it is random. Truth is we will never know the truth. They just do whatever they want. They coded it anyway.

Palitera1354d ago

Someone has to be really stupid to believe it is completely random.

After the DLC, it's inventory is clearly promoting DLC sales, which is the core design concept of every decision on this game.

"Random"... Yeah, gamers deserve what they get...

UKmilitia1354d ago

everything always requires DARK BLEOW,fed up with it.
trying to force DLC onto people by breaking the game if you dont have it.

JOLLY11354d ago

Thank Activision....That is why I refuse to buy the DLC

Palitera1353d ago

^ Bungie made the game.

BlissSeeker1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Deej, the Community Manager, has come out and said so himself that Xur is not RNG.
Video proof:

CorndogBurglar1354d ago

I dont know why you got a disagree. In the video he straight up says that it is not random and there is a group of people that decide what gets sold. Lol

Gotta love n4g. The only site that is set up to allow trolls to screw with people.

JOLLY11354d ago

I feel like there is a team at Activision called the generators. They randomly select DLC items and Bungie has no idea what they are going to choose.

BlissSeeker1353d ago

Yup. That's N4G for you. :l

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