Destiny, a new loot cave is discovered on Venus

Someone discovered a new loot cave on Venus in Destiny.

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KiwiViper851445d ago

There's still people playing this game?

GiggMan1445d ago

There still people asking this question?

jriquelme_paraguay1445d ago

There still people answering people asking if there's still people playing this game asking if there still people asling this question?

Doja1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

How dare people play a game you don't like. I mean what's wrong with them?

BootyBandit1445d ago

Almost every single day since it was released. My favorite game in years. I am a level 32 with every character, own every exotic in the game and can't wait to do the nightfalls, weekly and both raids on hard tomorrow with all 3 of my characters.

Spinal1445d ago

Guess what... Theres still people playing games that came out before 2013 too!

Check Twitch, all those crazy people enjoying games.... I mean really why are they still playing em.... Cant be that they are fun... No.. no way.


KiwiViper851444d ago

Mostly speed runs of classic games, I get that. Those games are fun.

Destiny is not

mhunterjr1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

There are tons of people playing this game... I just got it last week and just reached level 20. I see plenty of people above level thirty, and I also see plenty below level 10. I'd say the numbers are healthy.

I don't think its a great game. Many of their design decisions are silly IMO. However, the core gameplay is simply addictive. I'll be playing it for a while for sure.

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Hereiamhereibe21445d ago

Yay another bug that Bungie is gonna drop everything they are doing to try and fix.

Stapleface1444d ago

There is a better one on Venus where the servitor comes out. It's on the way to this one. You just leave the room and jump up and they respawn. Either way, farming is shit on Destiny after they patched it. Like the video says though, it's still useful for lower level characters.

NSANiTY1444d ago

Was actually trying this one a couple days ago and got a legendary engram in about 5-10 minutes.

I tried the one in the video too, I think I like it better. Easy to finish the kill 10 fallen majors bounties here in maybe 5 minutes time and pick up some items along the way.