The Complete List - February 2015 Video Game Releases

MWEB GameZone writes: The total count for Feb 2015 releases comes to over 25 games. Two of 2015’s most anticipated games also both release in February. There's something from every genre; from horror, to adventure games to action games.

Here's everything you need to know about February's upcoming releases

lord zaid3460d ago

Really going to need a review for this game. Everything Ive seen so far seem solid, but mediocre. I think it will be good game, but Im not sure convinced its going to be a must-have.

slappy5083460d ago

BT Games told me there will be no midnight launch for the Order 1886 at my local store, but it will be Ready at Dawn

lord zaid3459d ago

How long have you been waiting to pull that one out? :D

SonZeRo3459d ago

There s no more midnight releases for any games due to stores getting robbed when they stay open. Blame the criminals. Ready at dawn means "ready when we feel like opening the store"

DesVader3460d ago

Evolve! Looks really cool and an interesting variation of a FPS theme.

plut0nash3459d ago

It looks good but MP only isn't going to last long.

HanCilliers3459d ago

I agree on the one hand, but on the other, how long does single-player last?

xwilldemise3460d ago

My attention this month is going to be going to the 3DS with Monster Hunter & Majoras Mask. Until March that is for Battlefield & Bloodborne

HoldenZA3459d ago

I personally can't wait for Dragonball Xenoverse. I loved Budakai, and became slightly addicted to it. Its just pure button mashing madness!

No_Limit3459d ago

Nothing interesting this month.

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The open-world survival horror game “Vorax” is now available for PC via Steam EA

"The Rome-based (Italy) indie games publisher and developer IndieGala are today very proud and happy to announce that their first-person  open-world survival horror game “Vorax”, is now available for PC via Steam Early Access." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

HyperMoused5h ago

Mumma Mia, thats-a-not-a mummas a-special spaghetti sauce


The mystery puzzler “The Operator” is now available for PC via Steam and GOG

"The Bordeaux-based (France) indie games developer Bureau 81, today announced with great happiness and thrill that their mystery puzzler “The Operator“,  is now available for PC via Steam and GOG" - Jonas Ek, TGG.


“RuneScape” has just dropped its first-ever boss dungeon ("Sanctum of Rebirth")

"Jagex is thrilled to announce the arrival of RuneScape’s first-ever Boss Dungeon, the "Sanctum of Rebirth", a brand-new dungeon type set in the depths of the Underworld and available to RuneScape members today." - Jagex .