Dying Light review - alt-tab"Nobody can deny that the Dying Light, resembling very much their predecessors. The combat and Crafting refers particularly to Dead Island as the whole theme of the game. It was partly correct to say that the whole title saves the Parkour element, but not only that. The game can keep you and forcing you to roll over the year. It is pleasant, large and offers many hours of entertainment. The Techland seems to be learned from past mistakes and introduced new delectable items at the most recent title.

I highly recommend the Co-op with friends especially if you want to try a night out in Harram. And for those of us who can not play all day to make Scavenge and collect items, there's Companion App for our mobile with which we send Scouts in missions and they collect money and items. These then we can ship them to our account on Steam and receive them from someone Quartermaster ."

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