I hope Final Fantasy 15′s “cat cam” makes it to the full game

Final Fantasy 15 is probably going to happen. Look, here it is existing in the wild.

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trywizardo1353d ago

you won't be able to play in other characters than the prince (main character) , so im sure you can play as a cat xD

Snookies121353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Simple, just make it a type of magic. Creature manipulation, they could have a certain duration on the spell, or just have a maximum distance you can travel away from Noctis before it fades out. :]

That would be a cool little thing to include in the game.

NoctisPendragon1353d ago

Farming some Metamorphose skills wouldnt be bad.

rhap1353d ago

No. It's awesome how SE keeps focusing on dumb shit when they could work on maybe being able to control all your characters in battle and interesting features that a FINAL FANTASY game usually have.

colonel1791353d ago

I think the same. It's not like the game has been delayed for 10 years or anything. They already removed the ability to switch characters, but yeah! let's play as a cat for 5 min, which is the time that gimmick will last.

I'd rather they do a great photo mode, but that's just me.

N4GDgAPc1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

because its a lot easier to animate a cat walking around than having each character have a 1000+ (probably even a lot more than that) animations that work with the movement of the controller. I'm not sure but I think I read Noctis had 10,000+ animations? They got the ai animations worked out for characters but mapping all that to work with a controller? I have a hard time just setting up basic movement for games. I can't even imagine trying to make 10,000+ animations work and blend all together perfectly.

Only 2 games I know of that have a lot of animations is Uncharted and Assassins Creed.

And Final Fantasy 15 isn't the same as those 2 games. They only focused on one character and built there animations on top of it over each new game. FF15 would have to worry about 4 or more characters to animate since each one would have there own personality.

But why say No? Why not have both @rhap? I waited a long time for this game so I wouldn't mind a delay if they made all characters playable but from what I've seen I would probably only use Noctis anyways.

ZoyosJD1353d ago

The problem with that logic is that the AI partners will already have their animations loaded onto RAM, not to mention that they are very well animated in their own right. Meanwhile, toggling characters would be as easy as pressing a button to cycle through considering their current state of simplistic controls.

We just find it annoying that someone would request that they include a trivial "cat cam" when SE has cut the option to switch characters, a feature which this "cat cam" mimicked. Heck, they had 50+ simultaneously animated cats.

For what reason they would drop switching characters then spend so much time working on little things like this, I personally have no clue.

N4GDgAPc1353d ago

Yes animations would already be mapped to ram but wouldn't matter because they would still need to map all animations to controller. And to make it work I bet they would have to do more animations on top of that.

If its like Uncharted what makes it more complex you have a lot of if scenarios. By doing random animations. And they can take different animations together that do the same thing and blend it together randomly. Best way to explain it is in Uncharted 1 where I read an article about it. If you take cover behind a pillar they had 21 different animations to randomize between different positions. It also could blend animations together adding a crap more of different animations. They showed one of the tree maps for uncharted 3 and it was so big.

Now yes square-enix can do this all I'm saying it would take a long time to implement it. I guess they could do this the same time developing everything else and it would be ready by release date though. There is just no comparison to having a cat cam compared to adding switchable characters. A lot more work would need to be done.

NoctisPendragon1353d ago

At TGS they said they had a team for animals,to make the world more lively ,those dogs and cats were already made but not controlable.
So the cat and the dog cam are kinda worth-it atm +they dont need to spoil anything whit them.

hkgamer1353d ago

just strange they decided to show footage of a cat walking around an incomplete map. if the point of the footage was to show off the detail in maps then use a map that has textures.

i know that se is trying to be friendly and funny but its pissing off some of its fans by just showing nothing.

side note: cats are so freaking cool

NoctisPendragon1353d ago

It was showing how you could theoricaly walk anywhere.
Alot of fans came and they wanted to give them something at least.I am sure they prefer this kind of show than nothing but talk.

Viryu1353d ago

You can control a cat in FF XV? gotta preorder 20 copies!