Playing Dying Light without the day-one patch is “a different game”, says TechLand

Dying Light developer TechLand is urging all users to get hold of the launch day title update.

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Volkama1355d ago

Don Mattrick was right! The 360 is the best console for anyone living on a submarine (or otherwise not having an internet connection). These new ones just aren't suitable :)

Volkama1355d ago

Day 1 patches... connectivity isn't really optional is it?

aaron58291355d ago

These day 1 patches really gotta stop. seriously! this is ridiculous.

UltraNova1355d ago

As long as people are willing to pay them en mass day 1 they will continue to release unfinished products. Why spent more time=money on it or lose their release window if we are going to pay them day 1 anyway?

Wait for some reviews and and then decide if you still want to get the game.

To be fair there are some developers who have earned our trust in buying their games day 1.

Dying light's dev is not one of them.

1355d ago
UKmilitia1355d ago

dam right,no always onlinje but u have ot be online because the games are somessed up they need patches to make them playable.
but at least the people who have digital can play,many have to wait until end of feb

jriquelme_paraguay1355d ago

This is sad... so, we buy unfinished pices of shi...

Toiletsteak1355d ago

I don't understand why the disc version of this game in the UK isn't out until February but i can buy the digital version.

Perjoss1355d ago

I read somewhere they didn't make enough copies in time. True? I have no idea.

famoussasjohn1355d ago

That's explains why I couldn't find any at Best Buy in my area when I got it on Friday. There was 3 copies left for Xbox One but none were on the floor.

joab7771355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I don't understand why they would ever want to block single players mods on PC. Wtf?

I don't care of it needs a patch, unless someone bought and doesn't have internet. Then, ot should be put on the box that Internet is required.

UKmilitia1355d ago

the thing is im not having it the game is totally sold out in USA so they could of just sent out as they had the stock,shouldnt all have to wait until end of feb,just send out as made to preorders.

Gore-Content1355d ago

lmao another buggy ass game. 2015 is off to a good start.

Maxor1355d ago

This game run silky smooth after the launch day update. I'm getting 60-80 fps all the time @ 1440p. It's awesome.

bumnut1355d ago

I can't get my 2nd 780 working with this game so I have to use one :(

I still get decent fps @ 1440 though

Maxor1355d ago

They said SLI support is coming.

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