Kojima's Taipei Game Show 2015 and Metal Gear Rising 2 Denied Teaser Videos

Although we already know the MGSV big news at Taipei Game Show but its still cool to see Kojima Boss on stage talk. Also, check out the SCE trailer with teaser clip of Rising 2. Yes, we know Kojima has denied it and also he likes to fool everyone :)

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vishmarx1356d ago

keighly denied it,
kojima hasnt said anything

Captain_Wormy1356d ago

I'm pretty damn sure it's MGR2.

MegaRay1356d ago

Even if it wasnt. MGR2 is 100% happening

Captain_Wormy1356d ago

Hm. True. I just want it to be confirmed. 😥 Now we have to wait for this and a release date from MGSV.

Jimboms1356d ago

Interesting, I wonder what it is then.

Hanso1356d ago

they are lying just like that one time where it leaked that PG took over development of Rising.
They said no uh not true lmao