Times Square Looks Set To Get Very Cold

Capcom today revealed that they will be airing a trailer for their upcoming title Lost Planet on the 3,000 square foot NBC SharpVision HDTV screen at Times Square in New York. The thirty second trailer will air throughout December so if youre in New York why not keep an eye out for it.

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power of Green 4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

This tittttttles fucin unbelievable!.

marcusfenix4337d ago

Your cool and all, but it is spelled titles not tittles. That is funny though "tittles"

highps34337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

Sorry but you spelt it wrong it is TITTLES! Sorry but correc YOUR spelling.

And what is the big deal about lost plannett? This game looks horrible, especially given gears just came out. Lost planet should have been release before gears it just looks generic now. Oh lets dig in the snow, thats os next gen! NOT ..

Looks like Gears was the best the 360 can and will do.

bababrooks4337d ago

with you on that power.we are starting to see the games 360 are giving.1 year old and better than the ps3(get a friggin life highps3)if your younger than 10 i will forgive you!
360 and pc for me my friends, the rest suk

FadeToBlack4337d ago

Why the hell are you on here making an arse of yourself. Why arent you playing on your ps3 with its pathetic lauch lineup? You must be bored of it already, I can understand why.

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power of Green 4337d ago

The graphics, effects and physics are so next-gen it seems like an interactive Jananese Movie/Flick. The battles get intence and seem like WWII genre action at times, can't wait for the full game 16(8 on 8 is a blast but the full game with 28(14 on 14) will be off the hook.

DC RID3R4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

the online demo is just a taste of whats to come!

the problem with the ps3 is that it has NO games like this in the pipeline.

definately another MUST-HAVE title for 360 owners.

ANYONE(sony fanboys) who disagree's a pu$$y.

SwiftArsonist4337d ago

i think lost planet is a good game and it got good reviews from famitsu magazine in japan.

sandip7874337d ago

jeez, unless the conversion in america and uk is massively different, that is HUGE! lost planet will look pretty hot on it too!

silent ninja4337d ago

its nice to see a japanese campany putting a lot of effort in xbox 360 game

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