PSN Down Reports Coming in From Users

PSN seems to be down for some this Superbowl Sunday.

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Foolsjoker1357d ago Show
THC CELL1357d ago

Funny mine works signed in 10 min ago

Eonjay1357d ago

It may be a regional outage. I am having issues logging in and the web store front seems down.

strauser3601357d ago

Welcome to the next generation of gaming.

nicksetzer11357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I am down, aoapparently xb1 and ps4 are officially both less stable online than last gen. I have already had more downtime on xbl than I ever did on 360 (heck, even the original xbox was more reliable) over 8 years. they need to get their crap together. Either that or they need to become free service.

radler1357d ago

Yeah, the constant downtime is inexcusable. Sony decided to lock multiplayer behind the PS+ paywall with the PS4 but they obviously don't want to use any of the $50million per month PS+ profit to provide a service that actually works with some semblance of reliability.

Seriously, the PSN used to be decent during the PS3 era but right now it's a complete joke of a service, with the added insult that we now have to sign up to PS+ if we want to play multiplayer.

ifistbrowni1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

this explains why I was unable to sign in while I was on earlier.

I wasn't going to watch the Super Bowl, but since there was no PSN I decided that's what I'd do with my time.

NFL probably paid some hacker to shut the systems down so they rake in more viewers/revenue *sarcasm*

joab7771357d ago

Store doesn't work, Now doesn't work.

Eonjay1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Okay, it's back up for me.

Rdit: how bout that inception though.

ziggurcat1357d ago

it was down where i live, but the error i was getting was saying it was down for maintenance.

whether that's actually the reason, i have no idea.

SolidStoner1357d ago

before, when PS3 had free online, I would not give a Sh**... but now when I pay 50 euros every year, I demand explanation for every case, I want response from sony 10 seconds after its down, I want it to be fixed in no time! just like every other stuff I pay for... you asked my money, Im just asking for secure network! fair enough!

christian hour1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

It seems it was luck of the draw from my experience, I was connected without any problems all day yesterday and last night, meanwhile my friend who lives about a 30 minute drive away couldnt get on at all. Based in Ireland. So it didn't seem to be a regional thing, whatever it was it seems to have gone away now. I was expecting a lot of teething issues with the network once PSNOW went in to its next phase, so the recent instability doesn't really surprise me. Leave it to the inernet and N4G to lose their absolute minds over a minor inconvenience.

Pick up a book. Play a board game. Go Outside. Call your folks. Make Art. Whatever; plenty of more productive things to be doing than going in and bitching about a mole hill of a problem online.

Septic1357d ago

Why are there so many trolls in these outage articles?

This was rectified relatively quickly and yeah it was regional. I wasn't access affected.

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paradigmfellow1357d ago

It is down for me. I live in NY.

NuggetsOfGod1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Thank god steam is free so valve can keep it stable lol

I am really not sure why console gamers pay sony to play on activision servers? But have at it .

Psn has been down for people how many times since last november?

Kaz is spending you guys money on beer and hookers.

strauser3601357d ago

You know if it really is maintenance cant they tell us ahead of time? or at least let us know when its happening so we don't assume its the lizard squadron.

TimeSkipLuffy1357d ago

I'm in Germany and PSN is down for me.

trancefreak1357d ago

Was just pwn crota and blam I got bitched slapped by PSN

JaXion51357d ago

Down for me too, I'm in Afghanistan.

Mega241357d ago

I'm currently logged in, but my friend got kicked. We were playing Dying Light. We are both on the same county.

KingKelloggTheWH1357d ago

Just signed in with 0 problems. ( West Coast US.)

JackBNimble1357d ago

I was down but it's back up for me aswell.

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sloth33951357d ago

mine works in california

joab7771357d ago

It's getting absurd now. It's like you can bank on the fact that when you want to play, you cant.

I just paid to re up Now and I can't use it.

1357d ago
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MysticStrummer1357d ago

I've been playing the Planetside 2 beta all day. Just stopped to eat a sammich.

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LackTrue4K1357d ago

make me a sand-witch, Please"

KiwiViper851357d ago

Was that a spell check? Cause you also spelt it wrong...

YourMom69s1357d ago

If people would read a book instead of constantly stroking themselves thinking about PS being better than Xbox they might get that reference...

KiwiViper851356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

@ Yourmom69s

Because you get the reference you are superior to me.

Im sorry I haven't had time to read Harry Potter.

Travis37081357d ago

I haven't had any problems! it's all good for me!

skeeter22751357d ago

Mine is down. Really hope it'll be up soon. I was feeling some battlefield.