NVIDIA: "No Plans For An Update Specifically For The GTX970"

As NVIDIA tweeted a while ago, it won't release any driver update with specific or special improvements for the GTX970.

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TheCommentator1358d ago

Am I the only one who thinks that news should be an article to read and not just abunch of tweets?

2pacalypsenow1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

unfortunately its getting to the point where everything is told in a tweet

nowitzki20041357d ago

People are stuck into social media #twitter #facebook #instagram


Nvidia. Time to do what is right and offer refunds

LightofDarkness1357d ago

A lot of retail outlets are offering refunds, and it's more up to the board partners (the actual manufacturers) to refund their customers. In the EU it is legally mandated that these items be refunded as they were falsely advertised.


Trust me I have been trying. Mine are ASUS brand. I got them from Canada Computers. No luck from asus or cc or even nvidia itself.

bmf73641357d ago

RAMgate. Let's do this.

Saryk1357d ago

I have yet to have any issues for any game. I got a 970 and been running for 2 months now.

Farsendor11357d ago

I believe the reason most people are angry is because it is advertised at 4gb yet .5 is blocked off making it a 3.5gb card.

LAWSON721357d ago

If you game at 1080p you won't ever notice any issues. I doubt even 1440p runs into issues though it might. The issue is the false advertisement of 4GB of VRAM when only 3.5 GB is usable.

sorceror1711357d ago

My problem is I was planning on jumping to a new card this year, to get ready for the retail Oculus Rift. Displaying two high-res game images is going to be VRAM-intensive, so I wanted a 4GB card.

Now I'm really not sure if I want a 970.