Just Cause 3 - New Explosive Screenshots Revealed

A new set of screenshots from Avalanche’s upcoming sandbox title, Just Cause 3, have surfaced, showcasing the mayhem and chaos that players will be able to cause.

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Relientk771445d ago

This game is gonna look gorgeous

inveni01444d ago

Just Cause 2 still holds up pretty well (on PC). I don't doubt they'll stay focused on the same impressive tech.

I see this game as the Saint's Row to GTA. It's not as pretty as Far Cry 4, but it gives you so much more freedom and over-the-top action that it gains an extra level of fidelity just from being so visceral.

Snookies121445d ago

I'm digging Rico's new look, can't wait for this one!

-Foxtrot1445d ago

How have we not got a trailer for this yet :|

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1445d ago

where muh gameplay trailer

I wanna see it in action!!!

dumahim1445d ago

Looks like multi-tether is in play. Sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.