2014 Game of the Year Awards - The Winners

gamrReview's Joseph Trotter: "Has it been a good year for games? Gaming culture, obviously not, for reasons everyone is aware of. There are no winners in that clusterfuck except for click-bait websites. Has it been a good year for consoles? The PS4 and Xbox One have somewhat recovered from shaky starts and shakier bugs, while the Wii U launched an avalanche of quality titles that unfortunately only about 10 people will play. Here are all the winners of our Game of the Year Awards 2014 handily arranged in a list format."

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Loadedklip1358d ago

Great set of categories and winners.

marloc_x1358d ago

Agreed, some great games here!

Magicite1358d ago

I smell Nintendo bias.
BTW They forgot about shadow of mordor, which actually was 2nd best game of 2014.

Loadedklip1357d ago

I meant more like compared to the VGAs that didn't even have a category for best platformer.

How did they not include one of gamings biggest genres as a category?