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Does Rock 'n Racing Off Road bring back fond memories of Ivan Stewart, or should this game be left in the past?

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higgins781445d ago

A missed opportunity. I remember playing the original down the local(ish) arcade. A good version of this coupled with motion controls/steering wheel accessory could have been great. Even a modern version similar to Excite Truck, only online/4 player enabled.

superchiller1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

The "original" Rock n' Roll Racing never came out in the arcade, it was for the Genesis and SNES. You must be thinking of a different game.

Edit: You're thinking of Super Off Road, which did hit the arcades. The game in this article really isn't a proper sequel to Rock n' Roll Racing, at all.

Edit2: Just noticed that the game is called Rock n' Racing (no "Roll"), what a ripoff name. Has nothing to do with the great original game for the Genesis and SNES.

higgins781445d ago

That's it. Super Off Road.

marloc_x1445d ago

Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road.

Much allowance squandered :)