PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886's Pictures and Gruesome Video Pitch Crossbow Versus Black Water

The Order: 1886 has been getting all kind of background information on its alternate reality website, and today Ready at Dawn's fictional blogger finally got arond posting the video he has been teasing for a while, and more.

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Abriael1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

A friend of mine has a compound crossbow kind of like that one. It's a beast, and it's much smaller/fires lighter bolts. That thing will become my favorite weapon in the game. I know.

Wizard_King1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Why does every article about this game start with "ps4 exclusive"? No other games do this on n4g, ps4 or xbone it's stupid and should be rejected for bad editing. We get that it's only coming to ps4 and guess what, no one really cares.

Next we will be seeing articles called "Xbox one exclusive Halo 5 awesome preview" or some crap.

On topic vid look average hallway tps to me. Nothing flash.

DigitalRaptor1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

@ Wizard_King

This is not "exclusive" to PS4 games. You see it for any console that is reported on in many instances. It's just what Abriael and some other editors do to be more specific and write punchier headlines.

On topic: the game is looking like an excellent and solid action-adventure game with satisfying third person shooter gameplay. The story and visuals will be an absolute treat. If the gameplay is fun (which it looks to be) why does it have to be standout, or do anything particularly different? I just want what Shinobi describes:

GamesGamesGames1356d ago

Cool video - my only problem with it is that if something like this really would be found they wouldn't waste it before analyzing it... I'm sure there are a lot of companies who would buy millions - billions - for such an invention or discovery.

NegativeCreep4271356d ago

No there would just be a few top-tier multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that would all scramble to purchase the trademark or to just purchase the "idea" of blackwater. Yeah an "idea" can supposedly be patented now, at least according to what I saw on Hannity last night.

AndrewLB1355d ago

Perhaps you didn't get the memo, but Patents have historically been ideas where in most cases the patent is filed long before any physical item gets made.

A good example of why this is the case happened over 100 years ago where both Alexander Graham Bell and Westinghouse both came up with the idea for the telephone without any any konwledge of what the other man was doing, they actually filed for patents on the exact same day. It wouldn't be for another few years before the idea actually had a working prototype.

Or how about if you owned a company (which i can tell you don't) that spent the past decade and hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to cure cancer... In the world as you want it, China could have hacked your companies servers, stole your formula, and brought it to market first, but at a price so low that it would put you out of business. And without patents, you would't have been able to protect that massive investment in crating the drug, not to mention a decade of your life. Oh well.

roadkillers1355d ago

True, I just figured it was one of many bottles. Plus I'll be the killjoy and say this is just a tool to make recovery make sense.

Grave1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

dude finds magical vial and wastes it on one crossbow shot. nice.

Abriael1355d ago

Following the whole story, looks like they have a much bigger reservoir, from which they pick up the water with the vial. So they didn't waste it.

It also seems that the amount in the original vessel is somewhat infinite.

MasterCornholio1355d ago

I wonder if black water has any side affects.

medman1355d ago

Have you not seen the moustaches? Even Lady Igraine is sporting one....side effect confirmed!!

NegativeCreep4271356d ago

So the game is not going to have any kind of auto-regen like pretty much every other shooter has these days? Perfect. I've been playing Doom 3 lately and I miss the old days of shooters.

DarkOcelet1355d ago

I also noticed how Galahad picked up ammo old school. You have to pick it up unlike walking on it and its picked up automatically. I think that was cool. I loved that in Wolfenstein The New Order.

Silly Mammo1356d ago

I kind of like that Sony didn't promote this game too far out and risk over exposure and hype fatigue. If they heavily promote this game for Feb. I think the response will be great.

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