A Look at February's PlayStation Vita Releases

The Vita Lounge looks at what games will be gracing both European and North American shores this February for the PlayStation Vita.

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teflontactics1354d ago

February is looking like a pretty stacked month already, and that's not even looking at stealth releases we're sure to get.

liamlangan1354d ago

It's gonna be a good month to own a vita

Hana1354d ago

I'm gonna be pre-ordering and buying a ton of video games.

Acquiescence1354d ago

I can't wait to punish (spank) underage-looking anime girls through the power of the Vita's touchscreen. Now please excuse me, the FBi have a lock on my IP address and I need to lie low for the next few days.

VITA MEANS LIFE! (in prison)

Snookies121353d ago

Hey, hey... Key words here... "Underage-looking". :D

Lol, in all seriousness, that one might be a little too out there for me... I'll have to wait and see.

USMC_POLICE1354d ago

none of them titles look fun... all indies 1 sports title and a bunch of lame Japanese type games.

dark-kyon1354d ago

thank for the feedback,now please go back to play your broken AAA games please.

USMC_POLICE1353d ago

Right because killzone mercenary and uncharted golden abyss were so horrible. I bet a gran turismo and san andreas stories would be horrible broken AAA titles. Also i love indie games like Stealth inc, retro city rampage and stick it to the man, also rollers of the realm is great!However asking for a few AAA titles means I only like AAA broken games.

HakatoX1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )


Yeah, that's the ticket...
Let's be Richard Craniums to anyone who has a difference in opinion!

The world is evolving....
Isn't it about time to play along?

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