7 Pro Tips for Playing Destiny Game

Here are seven tips to play Destiny game with more power than without using this help guide.

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F0XHOUND1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

1 tip to improve your website.

1. Less ads, I don't want to open the play store or have popups intruding my view while browsing on my phone. Site looks like a spam site.... I ignore those sites! Shame, as I wanted to read this, so its not a content issue!

caseh1354d ago

few sites like this cropping up recently, exactly same layout. The content is broken up by adverts that seem to shift every time you visit the page.

GameSpawn1354d ago

Not that it seems to do anything, but clicking the site name under the "Read Full Story" link lets you vote for the quality of the site and story. Avoiding the feature because it "never works" doesn't help it working - you need to use it first (it's better to try and it not work than not and it is actually being used, but no one is participating for it to work).

If you are on a desktop you can take advantage of addons like AdBlock (Firefox/Chrome) or NoScript (Firefox - more extreme than AdBlock).

HeyYouGuyz1354d ago

Mobile pro tip: if you're using an iOS device use Reader View and it removes all of the junk and puts all of the pages into one.

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Hoffmann1354d ago

Sites like this are making it more difficult for website owners like myself which have only 3 banners there to even get it in hosting costs.

More and more people use ad-blockers now ..for good reasons like this example shows but they also have it on auto-on for every website.

I am losing around 20% ad revenue because ad blockers and bet that not so many people would use them if it weren't for the many websites which are plastered with all kinds of ads. =/

Meh Rant-end

JeffGUNZ1354d ago

I can't stand the sites that say top ten and then every number has it's own page. Really? Two sentences then click to the next page with a million ads.

Hoffmann1354d ago

Its a shitty behaviour to visitors.

jdiggitty1354d ago

Sorry to say but websites lost the public's good will long ago. My adblock is on by default and I've turned it off for websites I want to support, but, invariably they end up running some hyper-annoying autorun ad/banner/popup and I have to block them again.

Hoffmann1353d ago

I know what you mean. Even I as webmaster am blocking many other websites, even big gaming sites like Destructoid because they are full with ads and include pop ups and self playing videos with audio. Like yourself I turn it off for some of the better websites like 101HardcoreGaming or Mobygames though

dastar1011354d ago

How are these broken, barely readable articles getting approved and this much heat?

Stringerbell1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

This has been happening not just on N4G but all the newboiler sites. More often than not these people are creating shell accounts to push through their own material.

Loopholes in the algorithm temperature ensure these articles reach 600-700 degrees with barely any comments here and on the hosted site too! Its time to get aggressive with these 'users' because they are really ruining what N4G is supposed to be about.

Honestly I wouldn't lose any sleep if I never saw another herp derp list on this site ever again.

Side note take a look at how many times this has been tweeted. Because this effects the algorithm as well. The author has retweeted their article 8 times in 24 hours. Not to display their story to their audience one / two times is more than enough. But simply to manipulate the algorithm into raising the temperature artificially.

leafari1354d ago

1 pro tip is to never play the incomplete game.
2nd pro tip is to never play the game.

TheStrokes1354d ago

Another tip for you is to maybe shhh.

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