Revenge of the License: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Part One)

Michael Crisman writes, "Ah, Indiana Jones. What a fine trilogy of films you made, and what a slew of cut-rate, awful games based on those same films have dogged your footsteps like a fast-rolling boulder trap in an Incan ruin. Indy’s one of those properties that turns out OK as long as LucasArts has a hand in the matter, and winds up inexplicably sucking whenever someone else spends lots of money to acquire the license. To add confusion, there wasn’t just one version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade released, oh no: there were three. To further befuddle the market, two different versions of this game, developed by two different companies, and published two years apart, are available for the NES. We’re in for a bumpy ride; hope you brought your fedora."

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