Open World Games News: Red Dead Redemption Short Film, Assassin's Creed in Japan and Nintendo Woes

Check out what has been happening around Open World Games this week.

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smolinsk1355d ago

Assasins greed univers is dead, please no more AC games, boring as hell.

dreamed1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

As much as i like ac,i couldnt agree more after unity.

All the forced companion app & initiates garbage + the fact it was & still is broken in places has put me off for good,and ive been a fan since it first started.

Victorian london will be a cool map,but the combat system of unity if kept the same for victory is enough to stop me playing it ever again,its gotta be the most sluggish system ive ever used.

I know its trying to copy ac1,but ac1 combat was a lot more responsive imo.

Anyway tbh i think i'm loosing interest in gaming altogether,pretty much every post i make is filled with disapointment & moaning....i just want original xbox/ps2 days to make a comeback.

GokuSolosAll1355d ago

A Japanese theme will draw me in (never been an AC fan) if done right. I hope it's a Vita release, too.

smolinsk1354d ago

Please more pirate stuff, black flag was the best, or maybe just make a new pirate ip.