Nintendo Roots For Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl With Mario Kart 8

Maybe Marshawn Lynch should change his nickname to Toad Mode.
It looks like Nintendo of America, which is headquartered right outside of Seattle, Washington, is rooting for its home team in the Super Bowl today.

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MNGamer-N1357d ago

Seeing how NOA headquarters is in Washington, no surprise there. I hate both teams though... I'll be watching to give me an excuse to drink beer and eat pizza. Oh and the commercials.

DragoonsScaleLegends1357d ago

Nooice, we're watching for the same reasons.

ScorpiusX1357d ago

Think Nintendo has an stake in the Mariners and Seahawks been hometown team why not root for them.

Immorals1357d ago

All eyes tonight will be on Rugbys younger, and slightly retarded brother, American Football, as the Super Bowl takes the world by storm.

My money is on America becoming world champions again.

Qrphe1357d ago

>Super Bowl takes the world by storm.
>the world

shaw981357d ago

Whatever team Nintendo cheers for, I cheer for.

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