Latest Leaks Show ‘GTA Online’ Heists DLC Shall Have Yacht, Snow Car, UFO and other Rare Vehicles

Rockstar Games appears to be whetting the appetite of “GTA Online” gamers so much now that a new round or leaks have been released again about the upcoming Heists DLC.

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RG_Dubz1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

UFO huh? I guess they like the UFO in Saints Row 2 so much they decided to add it to GTA V.

ps4gamer19831449d ago

Could use some new clothes. The clothes in the game sucks.

Halo2ODST21448d ago

I know, i mean where is all the gang clothing they showed on all the posters, to make it look like SA, & where is San Fierro & Las Venturas, 1 city is puny

ps4gamer19831449d ago

UFO's were already in campaign. Though u could still be right--it WAS in SR2.

crazychris41241449d ago

Rumors pointing to a PS5/ Xbox 2 remaster of Gta 5 coming in 2021 with heists coming several years later for all platforms.

dreamed1449d ago

Lol....probably true!!!

JeffGUNZ1448d ago

hahah this times a billion!

brish1449d ago

Heists DLC? Does this mean people have to pay extra for this?

Wasn't heists supposed to be part of the original game?

NarooN1449d ago

Heists will be free, too bad no one will ever get to experience them because they'll never be released ;).

pompombrum1449d ago

They come bundled for free with Half Life 3 preorders.

johny51448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I want new business suits for Trever or a secret agent suite, so I can have him look like Agent Smith from the matrix!

All the ones they have look like crap! None look profession! A little ear piece would add icing on the cake!

JeffGUNZ1448d ago

Maybe my grand children can enjoy heists when they eventually release..."I remember when I was your age I just roamed around the city dreaming of these so called heists!"

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