Brilliance in Level Design: Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple

ZI: "No, it's not April Fool's Day. I really am analyzing the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time and telling all of you why it's a fantastic example of great level design. Don't believe me? Well, assuming you didn't skip right to the comments, read on, and maybe I'll convince you."

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namEuser1356d ago

Never could pass this dam level on the 3ds version... :\ but I beat it when I was younger on the 64 :)

namEuser1356d ago

Wait, scratch that...I meant jabu-jabu's belly lol when u have to carry the princess lol

wonderfulmonkeyman1356d ago

In the 3DS version, yes.

But in the original, it was entirely possible to use a key on the wrong door and get yourself in a situation where you literally cannot progress in the temple.

That's not good design.XD