SuperHot Will Run At 60fps On Xbox One, Otherwise The Game Feels Wrong - Developer

SUPERHOT Team's Piotr Iwanicki has revealed that SuperHot will be running at 60 frames per second on the Xbox One.

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BigShotSmoov0072924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

All this website gamingbolt cares about is resolution and frame rates of games. 80% of its news center arouND that and nothing else smh.

OB1Biker2924d ago

They mainly care about getting attention with their click baits and fanboys bite

4Sh0w2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Yeah its

Xbox Live status
Job Listings

99% of which never offer any real details that even the most uneducated gamer doesn't already know.

I mean really wheres the informative news stories about new indie devs? ips in the works? interviews?....actual inside new info/details about HoloLens/new tech? for gaming issues?....actual in depth look at gameplay?....insight into hardware upgrades?....nah why do more real news when= Oh look Microsoft just posted a job listing for "An exciting opportunity to work on a new Azure project." Headline= "Microsoft is looking for devs to work on new mondblowing X1 cloud gaming tech."

lol gamingbolt and dualshockers wash rinse and repeat this formula to farm n4g hits so much its pathetic.

GameNameFame2924d ago

Spencer said it about 5 times shooting down dx12 improvement rumors.

He shot it down 5 times. Doesn't stop gaming bolt making some click bait about dx12 on job description...

BallsEye2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Because that's what kids on n4g dig now. Who cares about game play when you can spend whole day posting pretty stills on the internet from the game you won't play longer than 5 days? Right?

I curse all of you s2pid 1080peee graphic this graphics that for making things that actually matter go away this gen. Yea like split-screen for those of us who have family and friends. Good that Gears, Halo and few others still got split screen co-op and online pvp mp. Damn you Lionhead for removing couch co-op from Fable -.-...because of...TEH GRAPHICS! Patiently waiting for /nerdstalker/digitalraptor posts who feel complete by following me around n4g.

souldestroyer142924d ago

Did you really just spell stupid with the number 2... -_-

NerdStalker2924d ago

You'll find any stupid little fault just to put xbox one over wont you? Slit screen, big deal. Hey maybe you should stop trolling bubble boy.

TheRedButterfly2924d ago

Where have you been for the past two years? It seems like all /anyone/ care about is resolution and frame rate... Either that or sales. -_-

MadLad2924d ago

It's a joke of a "gaming journalism site", that throws a few cents, perhaps even a buck or two, at its writers in order to flood the net with cheap, click-bait nonsense.

It's that exact sort of site and attitude that we need to do away with entirely.

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WESKER20152924d ago

The game is no looker, so i would expect 60fps at least, game looks fun and different though, and those are two things that peak my interest in a game.

Indie devs are so transparent, it's great
,no sugarcoating, no red tape, refreshing

WeAreLegion2924d ago

Tried it with Oculus at E3. I can't wait to play the full game.

dolphin_supreme2924d ago

How does oculus rift feel? There haven't been much news on there. Is is like sitting really close to the tv? (I'm being serious im curious)

AutoCad2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Feels like you on a treadmil
Once you take it off you get that feeling of movement around you

SonyOnly42924d ago

At 720p? or maybe 792p or perhaps glorious 900p?

thexmanone2924d ago

You are so funny, will you be my friend?

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