Vita-Exclusive htoL#NiQ Hotaru no Nikki: The Firefly Diary Review (PSLS)

"You can’t design stages and situations that rely on precise timing and then give the game imprecise, unresponsive control. You can’t design a game in which memorization is key to survival and then throw in random elements that — by their nature– can’t be memorized, but can kill the player with absolutely no skill or reflex to possibly save them." -PSLS

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knifefight1354d ago

I love my Vita, but sometimes I don't love that back touchpad.

dark-kyon1354d ago

psls do again,i can not believe this guys,importers speak fine of this game,no way a game being broken can have so good feedback,well i think what is normal for this site,the question is why are the first to review japanese games if clearly they don't like em.

nodim1354d ago

well, every extremely bad review gets them quite a lot of clicks, so their politics are understandable, everyone wants to increase traffic. Even if by cheap and underhanded methods.

knifefight1354d ago

Same reviewer called Nier the best game of the generation though, and same reviewer & website gave very positive reviews of Senran Kagura, Girls and Panzer, Uta Kumi 575, Hatsune Miku (twice), Gravity Rush, Chrono Trigger, Ni no Kuni (10/10!), Valkyria Chronicles (10!), and even good reviews of Dengeki Bunko and Ano Ko Wa Ore Kara Hanarenai.

What do you have to say to scores by the same writer/site for those, and many others? You know those all scored pretty well from the same reviewer, right? And that they're all Japanese? Right?

I mean you knew that, right?

dark-kyon1354d ago

i not care if this guy gave good score at some japanese game,my problem with this site is what a 3-4 score is a game being like they buy the new japanese game for themselves to find issue with the game and give awful scores to get hits.

knifefight1354d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

There's a very even amount of good reviews and bad reviews for Japanese games. If you only want to zero-in on the bad/mediocre ones and completely ignore the good/amazing ones, that's your own problem, dude.